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I'm Míriam, the Spanish teacher you've been waiting for...

Everyone has different levels of a language, we all learn at different speeds and in different ways. My goal is to adapt our activities and Spanish classes to help you reach an advanced level of Spanish in the shortest amount of time possible. Through tailored lesson plans and personalised classes, you'll find that you will improve your skills rapidly. 

Being a qualified coach I will detect and work on your strong points and this is what we will use to reach higher levels of Spanish quickly. I will teach you methods that not only will help you to improve you Spanish, but thast also can be applied in many other areas of your life.

I will be your guide in your journey from the learning of Spanish to finding skills you never knew you had!.



Specific Purposes


The aim is for the student to acquire communicative capability so that you can understand, express yourself and interact appropriately in various

real-life situations.

These Spanish lessons are designed for students that have a special reason for learning Spanish. Spanish classes for business, travelling and personal life purposes.

Customized homework which often involves the use of music, videos, writing and reading activities.

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