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If the basis of language knowledge were grammar, we would all speak most languages, we would only have to have one book for each of them. It´s the same thing that happens with the videos and applications, although they offer us a good base, they are never enough.  When we practice the language it settles into our psyche as well as empowering us when we see ourselves speaking with a native.

My method is based for most on practice and creation of personalized classes that are structured between sessions according to the rhythm and preferences of each student of the language. In order to do, I work on various techniques to accelerate the learning process and to ensure that grammar is assimilated in a natural way.

How do we learn best?

It all depends on tastes, preferences and other factors such as evolution and the time we can dedicate to ourselves.

Sometimes a student simply needs to practice conversation, receive corrections and expand vocabulary but also wants to take it as a moment of rest between obligations. In these cases, as in all, we adapt the type of training to the student's needs.

We will also use play as a means of learning, it is proven that play helps to increase motivation as well as stimulate other brain skills that benefit us in our daily lives.

In games we will have to deduce, infer, formulate hypotheses. Memorization strategies will also come into play when the game consists of repeating a structure or mnemonic systems to learn vocabulary, to mention a few examples.

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Other options we will see:

  • Immersion in Spanish culture

  • Overview of films and series

  • WebQuests created expressly to obtain useful and interesting information.

  • Conversation-based classes and review exercises only

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