Spanish for Kids

In my career as a teacher and mother, I have experimented with various learning techniques to extract the points that have helped me to develop a very personal teaching style that is bringing great benefits, especially to younger students.

Throughout the learning process we will practice those techniques that will help to further develop the cognitive skills of the student.  The games offer children the chance to become active, to practice the language in real situations, to be creative with the language and to feel in a comfortable and enriching environment that gives them the confidence to express themselves.


In these tasks that we will carry out in order to progress in the learning process, some basic types could be noted, according to the nature of the work:  

Analytical, compilation, repetition and creative.

This type of training considerably expands and accelerates the learning of the new language, and also leads to the following points:


- It favours autonomous learning, reflection and the development of strategic abilities.
- It allows "learning to learn".
- It is stimulating and motivating
- Effectively brings the student closer to the reality he is studying (direct information)
- It produces a "technical" learning in real use situations.


In the games we will have to deduce, infer, formulate hypotheses. Memorization strategies will also come into play when the game consists of repeating a structure or mnemonic systems to learn vocabulary, to mention a few examples.

The sessions are recorded on request and sent to the parents or guardians once they have been completed so that they can enjoy their little ones' progress. If you have any suggestions or requests, please contact

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