Miriam Guerrero Palau

  • Miriam is a qualified, certified and experienced teacher and examiner (Instituto Cervantes certified teacher of Spanish as a foreign language and DELE certified examiner)

  • Master in Personal and Sports Coaching and certified Yoga teacher.

  • Expert in Spanish grammar that can also simplify and make the structure accessible.

  • Part of a community of teachers who explore the latest, best, and newest methods.

  • Self-employed traveler and businesswoman.

  • I love mistakes, because only through them can you progress.


Your level of commitment to learning will also determine your teacher's effectiveness. However, having the best guide ensures that you not only reach your goal, but also get there faster and more consistently.

Anyone can learn independently or talk to a native speaker, although they will not get the benefit of a trained teacher who can explain why the rules of grammar and syntax are as they are or provide corrections that facilitate and accelerate deep learning.

I can get involved to accelerate your learning, deepen your understanding and make your life easier. Learning should be entertaining, interesting and fun. Unlock your learning. Let me be your guide.


Phone: +34 622 435 126 / Email: mgspanishclasses@gmail.com

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